LOG: Step 1 of world domination
Sunday, February 03, 2013

After years of mindless wandering, I've finally decided to put my skills to the test. Everything that I've learnt will be used in order to make this work.

I am going to create a web portal that allows me to access and control every aspect of my home network, from the scratch. Sure, I could always use a corporate solution, or even using home server solutions. But where's the fun in that?

There are 5 main functions that I'm interested in for the moment.
LOGS: Display logs from selected devices. (routers mainly, SNMP)
COMPUTERS: Manage my computers. Remotely boot up/shutdown, remote desktop and ssh access
ROUTERS: Well... just the management page for it
FILES: Access files from any device. (mainly the NAS)
BACKUPS: Scheduled backups to NAS. Summary/management

Draft of what it might look like

Sure, I could simply use Windows Home Server to do most of the stuffs I'm going to do. Why not do that?

For one, I must have a decently powerful computer turned on at all times. That sucks up electricity and is probably idle most of the time, terrible for efficiency. Whereas I could host this web portal on my router, which takes up maybe 4 Watts or less of electricity.

Trying to implement proper security all of these will also be an interesting problem to tackle.

Again, the question people always ask me is
It's a little hard to explain when it comes to computers. Think of it this way, people train very hard to play instruments properly. They learn some tough pieces to challenge themselves, or maybe because they love that piece. Or that people in sports train their body to perfection, because they want to be better at it, that it's challenging.

This is a challenge to myself. It may not seem intuitive to many people, but that's how I view my interactions with computers. I love what I can do with it, and I want to get better at it. For the years of learning I haven't really had anything substantial to show for myself. Sure, a couple of neat tricks here and there, but nothing as big as this.

Let's see how much I have progressed over the years, shan't we?

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