Rant: Little sense of urgency
Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thankfully I'm completed and submitted all my projects in time last week. Which means that I am free of all the burdens for the moment, except for the upcoming exams that is. Even though I should be worried about it, very worried in fact, but I just don't sense the urgency.

This is also why I have been blogging properly, and pretty much just lying around. I'm looking to give this blog another overhaul. I still like it a lot, but it lacks something I can't put in words.

So I've been looking through a lot of website designs trying to find some inspiration. There are tons of beautiful designs, unfortunately, most of them are not suited for a blog. There are couple that I found interesting and are in the process of getting some cues here and there.


Yes they are all minimalistic, I like it this way. I want to focus on typography, which is something I'm still not very good at.

I'm a little tired, time to end this. Here's something I came across today and it's really good.

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