FFT: Rethinking humility
Sunday, March 17, 2013

Been pondering about this for awhile. I like to showcase (showoff if you prefer) the geeky things that I do in my free time. I have heard people mentioning that I like to brag, or something similar.

I'm not going to flat-out deny it. But I don't really say things with the intention of telling people, "Hey look, I'm better than you."

"It's not about doing what others haven't
but doing something you've never done before."

That's how I would like to see myself when telling others about my geeky projects. The cold hard truth is that in the tech world, unless you're working on the frontier, it's pretty hard to do something that someone else has never done before. It's pretty much just some sort of personal accomplishment for yourself.

If you see something amusing/amazing, chances are that you will share with someone else, right? (think 9gag/youtube) But what if you, yourself are doing something interesting and want to share with someone else?

Of course, the finger-pointers will tell me, "Sure, it's cool that you're doing all these, but it's not like you have to tell someone about it. Some people just don't care." (real life responses) True as it may be, it's a fucking anal way to look at things and you make me want to hug you, with metal spikes.

Maybe because I'm a geek. We like to showcase our talents. Just browse through forums, you see people comparing custom desktop rigs, computer specs, game scores. And some people just make the most beautiful desktops you'll ever see.

Well, my point of all these is just to say that I think it is fine to brag talk to people about the things you're good in. Just don't rub it in their faces or make them feel bad about it. (un?)Thankfully, most people don't give a crap about the things I do so I probably didn't cause anyone to feel bad. I think. I hope.

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