Kiseki, Jack the Giant Slayer
Friday, March 01, 2013

It's a phone, that's why the exposure is whacked.

Random shot at Kiseki; I haven't taken a picture in ages. It's the Japanese buffet that I wrote about the other day, and I still like it! They changed location though, from Hereen to Orchard Central. Which I must say, is an excellent choice.

It's 8 floors up and the view is pretty. Solely due to the massive glass panels, which must be a massive pain to clean everyday.

Where's the pictures of the food you say? I was hungry, so screw that. Special shout-out to D for treating me and G! Well, it's because I helped him out for a project some time ago. And thankgod for that, one should never pass up a free meal. As shown to me by a classmate I have never seen for an entire semester until the day the lecturer treated us to lunch.

We went to watch Jack the Giant Slayer afterwards.

Yeah, Jack and the beanstalk.(though the one used in this movie is a variation Jack the Giant Killer) I loved that beanstalk story when I was a kid. This movie has a slightly different plot though, and it's pretty decent. One could never really go wrong with a well aged story.

Everything was well until the very last moments. Like, literally down to the last 2 minutes. It ended weirdly. I'm totally fine ending the movie 2 mins earlier. Watch it for yourself; maybe you'll like how they closed the story at the end.

It has been awhile since I ate at a buffet, I'm definitely gained some unneeded weight. As pointed out to me by my AHS mate I met coincidentally at Lido Shaw.

On the random note, I'm going to break 50,000 views roughly tomorrow or the day after. It's probably the first time I've gotten that number. It means one or more things.
1. My writing has improved.
2. I have stalkers.
3. Google is magic.

And on that bombshell, it's time to end this post.

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