Geek Rant: My head is full
Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I haven't written much about my own life ever since exams started, and ended last week. Sure, I might have procrastinated almost every single day, but that'll depend on how you define procrastination!

I am pushing in as much information as I possibly could, regarding computers of course. I have learnt the syntax and basics of Python (programming language), there are a ton of tutorials online. Going to get further into it when I feel like I'm ready.

Installed a Windows 7 virtual machine in VMware and made it as barebones as possible. It only takes up 350MB RAM at boot up. Used to experiment applications in a sandboxed environment. (was testing, check it out!) Also using it to run jperf (GUI version of iperf). jperf is used to run a network load test, which I used to test my router's wireless throughput with my laptop. (it's working, but I haven't collect the data yet) Reason for doing this virtually is because Java is generally buggy, I refuse to install it on my main system.

Started to try running pre-built virtual machines, which are known as Virtual Appliances. Got a LAMP stack up and running pretty quickly, going to use it to try and do some sort of management interface for my home network.

Got started on a Wordpress server as well.

As you can tell from the address, it is hosted locally via a Virtual Machine.

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, and there are many great documentations about the Wordpress platform. I am a little tempted to try hosting my blog on my own server, hesitating as it entails leaving my computer on 24/7, which is something I didn't build it for.

However, I am considering doing a test run, then throwing it up to AWS (Amazon Web Services) to host my Wordpress server. Which comes at a monthly fee. Something I am not quite sure if I'm ready to commit to yet.

That said, my paranoia is working it's magic and I kinda feel like having a private blog, within my private network. So there's a 0% chance of anyone discovering it. I could even assign a proper URL to it that only my home network could access, the possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately, that's all I had time for so far. There's still a personal email server I want to try hosting, and an online collaboration platform. Virtualization is just splendid!

I say that this is "procrastination" because well, I really do need to find a job to fund my interests. Having such a powerful CPU is a wonderful head start, but it never hurts to have more and better hardware, does it?

Man, my head is so full now.

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