MCR is no more
Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Chemical Romance has been my favourite band ever since I discovered them 7 years ago.

Very unfortunately, they finally disbanded on March 22nd. After being a fan of them for so many years, the news did hit me a little hard. It's a shame to see them go. The song that first introduced me to them is Helena.

I got hooked by them instantly. Yes, they've always managed to hit that right spot between rock/punk/metal. I can only say that they're truly unique and I haven't came across any bands that is remotely close to their style.

Maybe it's because they have songs that lets you sing your lungs out and vent all your feelings away. Songs like I'm Not Okay that is still my all time favourite. At least half the songs from each album are my favourites, they just hit all the right spots. I remember the days I will sing until my throat gets sore, it's that awesome.

It's regretful that I didn't have the chance to catch their live performance at least once. I wish that they would have some sort of reunion in the future, get on a tour, or it'll be such a shame.

Thankfully, there has been another band that also has a distinct style and voice, Fun. Of course, they belong in entirely different categories, but it's the feeling that the songs bring.; especially when you see the acoustic versions in their live recordings.

I have nothing more to say, I was totally bummed out on the day I discovered they disbanded, that feeling has passed but man, it's just that tingling sense of regret.

Thank you MCR for all the amazing music.
So long and goodnight, 
We'll carry on.

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