Passing 50,000 views
Sunday, March 03, 2013

16 months ago, I decided to jump from Wordpress to Blogger. Changing the iconic name at the same time after many years. Truth be told, I do miss Wordpress, I still think it as a superior blogging platform. That said, Blogger allows me to edit the HTML directly and have full control over the website, which is my reason for switching.

Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't have a ton of statistics. There are still some interesting stats however.

It's amusing, and at the same time, a little saddening. It just means that I haven't written any post that's super-amazing for the past 2 months. Regardless, here's something that's really amusing.

Stats for this week

For whatever reason I have been getting views from unexpected countries, like China, Ukraine, UK, etc. It's amusing to see how Internet Explorer shot up by so much, along with random browsers. Chrome used to be the first, followed by Firefox.

It may seem like pointless statistics to most people. But it's rather interesting to geeks like me. Knowing my audience means I can optimize the site better for those browsers. (though I probably won't bother)

I am actually a little proud of myself, that I managed to stuck on for so long, and that there are people actually reading it. The blogging hype has pretty much died down. I don't know many friends who still blog regularly anymore. I don't really visit any popular blogs either, simply because popular blogs are usually owned by pretty girls snapping pictures of things I do not really care for.

Yes, I do not stalk pretty bloggers. That's what Facebook is for. *creepy grin*

I kid, I probably don't read other blogs because my time is filled with reading tech blogs. But a blog would be an understatement to the scale of the website. Like theverge, anandtech, lifehacker, howtogeek, etc. I find it interesting that the definition of Blog has widened to even huge sites like those.

Anyway, most of the views are simply from people searching in Google. Only a miniscule percentage of the visitors are people who come regularly to read, my heartfelt thanks goes out to you guys. I'm not trying to build a popular website (at least not yet), but simply something for people who share similar thoughts as me to read.

Let's see if it'll take another year before I get to 100,000, shall we?

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