Rant: Basketball and playgrounds
Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm starting to have a little bit more of a social life, though interaction with the obvious lack of opposite gender is a bit of a bummer. The downside to social interaction is that I don't have the time to do my personal projects; I could use a break though.

Celebrated C's birthday yesterday. Played ball today. Had supper as usual, then they decided to go play Crocodile at a playgronud nearby. We are all young adults

In case you have forgotten how to play Crocodile like I have, let me refresh your memory. There is 1 catcher and he can run around the playground and step on anything except one color that the victims  chose. The rest of the victims can run around the playground using whatever method, but their legs cannot touch the ground.

I didn't join them, for 3 reasons.
1. It's really embarrassing
2. I don't have the energy after sports
3. I have a slight phobia of jumping around high places
(I was injured rather badly in the past

I must admit that it is a really fun game and I really wanted to join in, but I'll prefer to have less injuries today. 

C, on the other hand do not give a crap about being childish. Which is a good thing in this case. He even started playing with the 2 kids that happened to be at the playground. However, I realized it's a very delicate situation, it's very easy to be misunderstood as a pedophile, or a bully. That said, kids these days are really very different from our generation.

It was over 11pm, the 7 year old boy was running around a playground with a little girl. I must say that I'm a little jealous of his skills. He possess the aptitude to be a pimp in the future. 

Well, I am really tired, have been reaching home after 12 recently. Finally have an entire day off tomorrow for myself. I must get something productive done. 

p.s hopefully all these running around will put me back in shape.

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