Rant: There may be no more rants
Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This blog has always been my go-to place whenever I have something random that I want to talk about; and it will continue to be so.

However, I'm at an impasse. Couple years ago, I choose the name Lord of Geeks because it's awesome and for another reason I haven't disclosed. As you can tell, the acronym of it is LOG. This is a LOG of my thoughts and life. Thoughts are generally abstract, they bear no specific reference to my personal life. If you didn't know, I am very paranoid. 

Which is why I keep personal stories to a minimum on this space, which has long been a thorn in the butt.

Hence I have created my personal wordpress server. I have also been writing regularly on it, because I could bitch about anyone I want to. It is simply called log.com. However, only people within my home network will be able to access it, so it's as secure/personal as it can be.

But there are questions that arise,
Is there any point in writing anymore personal things here? Should I just keep things "professional"?

I know that there are still bored friends who come here and read from time to time. But they take up less than 20% of the traffic. Maybe I should simply try to write interesting things that has no relation to the events in my life.

I don't know. Any friends who read this, some opinions will be nice.

p.s It's 3AM. I can't sleep though I'm tired as hell, so I'm typing this with my eyes closed.

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