Daily Photo #136 - Korean BBQ
Friday, April 05, 2013

All meat galore

 I think Daily Photo kinda lost it's meaning. But oh well I think I'm starting to have a little more mood to take pictures.

Korean BBQ Buffet, located at Tampines T1, 4th floor, beside Challenger. I totally forgot what it's called. But it's relatively cheap, ended around $16.50 per person. However, and it is a huge however, you have a 2 hour time limit. Which isn't very strictly enforced I think?

My awesome creation

I have created the most awesome roll ever.
It's Teriyaki Chicken, wrapped in Bacon Strip, wrapped in Thin Pork Belly.

It tastes pretty darn good, less could be said about the ability to eat it without making a fool of yourself. It's too much to stuff in one go, and not enough structural integrity to sustain being bitten. It was awesome eating nothing but meat, the only complain I had was that the chopsticks were really hard to use. It's thin, but not over all, it's thin like it's flat. So if you had a cross-section diagram it'll look like a rectangle rather than a square.

Hung out at K's before heading for Basketball. Now I'm sore all over and practically didn't move at all today. Man, I'm definitely not looking forward to soccer tomorrow.

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