Daily Photo #137 - Road to school
Sunday, April 07, 2013


Went back to my Alma mater on Saturday, at a freakishly early 9:30 am. There was a drizzle throughout the morning which explains the wet floor.

What the hell was I doing there at such an early timing? Soccer. Against our juniors, many of whom I've never seen before. They're only a couple years younger and have all graduated. Well, I said I went for soccer, but I didn't actually play it. No, it's not because I'm a bench warmer, but because I didn't exactly want to play. (and we had more than enough people)

I should probably start by explaining that we played basketball on Thursday. After lying around for a week, suddenly sprinting around at full speed pretty much killed my thighs. I went for soccer more or less for moral support, or just in case someone sprained their ankle or something.

We won though, 7 : 5
Most of which can be largely be attributed to my cheering, obviously.

Speaking about cheering, it was... more or random screaming and shouting. Because it was just too hilarious to watch. Within the first 3 minutes, the score was already 1 : 1. My team's MVP shouted at the opponents, "First to 11 wins!"

The game was funny because our goal keeper did a hat-trick, on himself. Words can't explain the blunders he made, but we weren't exactly mad at him; He hasn't played for a really long time after all. But still, the mistakes were nothing short of hilarious. There were times he dropped the ball as if his gloves were made of oil, and the most epic mistake was him pushing the ball up like volleyball, pushing the ball behind him, right into the net.

Man, I nearly died laughing. 

All in all, it was a pretty good game. It's damn funny when our team shouts, "CHIONG AH!" and the mid fielders and forwards just scramble ahead like bulls. There was also a lot of needless shouting to intimidate the opponents, and it actually worked. Well, they are younger after all. 

I did take a couple of shots after the game, just testing if I still got it or not. And yeah, I surprised myself and my friends that I could pull off some decent shots, not just half-assed ones, then I got scolded immediately for being a lazy fuck and not joining the game.

There are many things I left out as I was just typing with the flow of the post. I'm too lazy to edit them into perfectly readable paragraphs so I'm just going to speed through them.

The road to school has changed. There weren't trees, nor where there so many buildings around. Just a flat grassland, which has disappeared along the years. I can't believe I climbed the freaking hill for so many years at 7+ in the morning. Yes, my school sits on top of a hill. I regret not taking more pictures of the school before leaving, oh well. It's annoying how they built a perfect soccer field right after we graduate. All we had back in the days was a barren field primary made of dust, and weeds.

Damn, I feel so old.

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