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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

It was another early start [8am] to a very long day. As I've only came back from Phuket within the same week, I wasn't exactly the keenest in going overseas again.

However, I wasn't dreading the trip at all, in fact I was really looking forward to it. The activities that we have planned was totally my cup of tea. Go-kart and Paintball, who would've thought that I would get to do the both of them on the same day.

Before I continue ranting, I should probably mention that this was a 12 man group. Again, because of my paranoia I shall only give the initials of the people: A, JH, KQ, V, MC, L, J, XK, YJ, C, D. Well, that introduction was stupidly pointless. So anyway,  my point was that there was definitely enough people for this to be a really fun event.

Go-kart is definitely my favourite. I say it with such confidence even though I have only done it once in my entire life. (not counting this one)

If you somehow missed the title, these activities were held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. JH helped us book a minivan to drive us around for the entire day. If I'm not mistaken the price was SGD $450. Definitely not a small amount but definitely something we were willing to pay considering that the presidential elections were the next day.
(looking at the news, I'm rather glad we weren't caught in any deepshit)

Moving on, the Go-kart place was in the middle of nowhere in the jungle*, it had a rather large circuit. As the person in charge kept reminding us not to treat the Go-kart as bumper cars, I could see disappointment oozing out of all my friends. To make the matters worse, she went on ranting on how the costs of damage on individual parts. After the briefing was over, most of my friends lost their balls to do anything stupid.
*jungle vs forest: I find it hard to differentiate.

Not me.

My balls can't be tamed with such threats. Without a doubt I was the fastest on our first round; 10mins/round. Unforunately, I spun out once on my last lap while turning into the pit, credits to the overzealous me trying to overtake my friend at the last second.

That spin caused my friend XK to bang into the side of my car. Thankfully, no one was injured, but it seemed like it was enough trauma to stop him from going a second round.

2 retired after that round. 10 went for another. Then 7 for the last and final round. As much as I would like to announce the results of the race, it wasn't really much of a race as everyone started at different times. It definitely felt like I got faster every lap though.

V for victory

V for... pussy

V, our top crasher of the day

He tried to move it on his own. Tried.

It was dangerously fun. Dangerous because the Go-kart shakes rather violently and there was no seat-belt. We pretty much just clung on to the seats by flexing our butt cheeks while the long road bends attempt to fling us out.

At the end of it, our chauffeur drove us to lunch at some Bak Kut Teh shop.

Again, the location paintball was in the middle of no where [jungle?]. It was less deserted than the Go-kart's location though. Sadly there aren't any pictures. It was dirty, sandy and muddy. The on-off rain compounded to the problem.

This is the first time that I've played paintball. And it's not that I don't like paintball. But the protective visor/mask that we put on reduced visibility to only about 5 metres. To put it crudely, I can't see shit.

I've heard many times that getting shot by a paintball hurts, but damn, it hurts. While we were discussing about whether getting shot in the leg counts as a death, or that you're not allowed to run. The person overseeing our group told us, "Don't worry, if someone shoot your leg, you will kneel. Of 100 people that was shot, 100 kneel."

He wasn't kidding man.

I got shot in my forearm and hip in the first round. The pain on the arm is bearable, but the hip shot makes me wanna dig a hole and bury myself.

There wasn't much else I could say about it except that it's a good experience and I recommend everyone to try it at least once in their lives. It hurts quite a bit but unless you get shot in exactly in the same spot twice, you'll be fine to run around the whole day.

In short, everyone had ~500 bullets. It's quite a lot and we played quite a few rounds before finishing.

T'was a good day.

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i'm planning for something similar..
how much was it to hire a bus?
and which chartered service did you use?

awaiting for your reply!
thanks in advance.

By Blogger charleen chew, at October 28, 2014 at 3:09 PM  

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