I have a Diploma in Computer Engineering
Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lo and behold, the Lord has finally received certification that he is prepared for work, somewhat.

Even though I don't really think much of it, it is my proudest achievement so far that is visible on paper. 3 years have passed and I finally graduated from Singapore Polytechnic; even though I wasn't really filled with nostalgia as I walked through the corridors, there is a certain sense of lingering regret when another chapter in my life reached its final page.

Graduation makes me feel old, like a real proper adult. It's that moment when you realize, "Fuck, I have the ability to go out and properly work now."

It's kinda cute, I suppose

Of course, school life will continue as I plan to continue my studies in college, but it's something rather far off in the future and it is not set in stone yet, I'll have to apply next year and hopefully get a place with my half-decent results. 

My plans for the future? Try to survive.

Singapore has something called National Service that mandates all males serve in the army once they are 18 and above. (though I think 16+ is enough? not very sure) And it takes up 2 years. I'm not too keen about it obviously, but there are somethings in life that you cannot control, this is one of them. The most annoying part is that I am going to be stuck on an island for 3 weeks, which pretty much guarantees the death of the geek inside me.

So anyway, back to my graduation, first of all, I wasn't really interested in attending the ceremony, because it's really long and rather pointless since I don't really care all that much. Meeting back my classmates is kind of... uneventful to say the least. 

Here's the thing, and I'm not trying to diss on my poly friends, but it's different with you guys. I like all of you and I had fun but it doesn't feel like we're in the same world. Or maybe it's just me, maybe I'm the odd one out and everyone else are like sticky butt cheeks, inseparable and always warming each other up.

Man, this post is getting depressing even though it's a happy occasion. I guess that's what happens when I try writing when I'm really tired.

So there are millions of different thoughts racing through my head that doesn't really make sense written down here. I really need to turn on my other LOG and start ranting the hell out there. Okay enough ranting, I need some sleep.

p.s been kinda busy somehow. This is kind of a downer for a graduation post but well you know, sometimes if you don't feel it, you don't write it.

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Take a chill pill man! It's just a different world ~~. ;O

By Blogger AhDon, at May 28, 2013 at 1:07 AM  

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