FFT: You are special
Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Everyone is unique, that's why no one understands you."

A random thought spurs from the many cliche lines about how you are special/unique/different from everyone else. I have also always heard about how "no one understands me".

In fact, I seem to see "no one understands me" written all over the internet, on many blogs/tweets/posts that I see.

I think that both of them are true. Because no matter how similar two people are, they are still different, even if they're twins, the atoms making them up is different. No matter how similar the experiences are, it is still different for everyone.

Even though I don't expect anyone to truly understand my feelings or thoughts, it doesn't mean that it cannot be done. You see, the thing is: humans are rather fucked up.

There may come a time when someone is able to truly understand me for who I am. However, will I be able to accept "myself" that is projected by another? Questions like, "is this really who I am?", "who am I really actually?" are bound to surface, either you refuse to accept that your friend is correct about who you are, or you simply aren't sure about yourself in the first place.

Thing is, I find the concept of "self" rather confusing. Conscience and freedom of thought is a really confusing thing for me. Because it just seems to go no where when I think about it. (it's like the brain trying to define itself simply by thinking about it)

So here's my thought.

Our feelings are essentially our motivation to do things. Sometimes that feeling doesn't have a name for it, that's why we sometimes do things with the reason of "Because I felt like it." And from time to time, another person would be able to understand that feeling of why you wanted to do something.

The whole point of this post is to say that everyone is different, and it doesn't make them all the same. Just because everyone is a different fruit, doesn't make all them into an apple. Therefore, don't worry about not having someone to understand you inside out. We change all the time, just having someone who is able to tolerate you is good enough.

Additional note: Have you ever been at a really high building, and felt like jumping off?
Some people understand that feeling, some don't. There'll always be a unique situation/feeling that only you will understand.

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