The Great Gatsby
Friday, May 24, 2013

Watched this today. It is alright I suppose.

It's based on a 1925 Novel, that I haven't read yet. And after watching this movie I'm probably not going to read it, ever. Don't get me wrong this isn't a bad movie, but it's the type of literature that you would only appreciate if you slow down your pace of life to truly understand the intentions of the author.

That said, I liked the story. I think that it is rather boring as a movie, but as a story, I liked it.

It's about the world seen in first person, by a guy who's always the third person. Things will always happen around him, but not to him. He uttered this phrase a couple of times, a phrase that has really struck a chord in me.

"I'm within, and without."

I liked the movie because it somehow feels like the way I think. I can't really put it into words properly, but if I had to write a story like that, I would probably write it very similar to how the movie presented itself.

So yeah, I think it's kinda worth a watch. Just know that it really isn't for everyone.

Went out to skate with S after that. Went a round around Pasir Ris park, and I swear it is crowded as hell. I mean, why would anyone want to hang out at Pasir Ris park on a public holiday?! Well, not to say that I didn't use to go there when I was a kid, but still, it amuses me to see so many cyclists around.

It was a rather nice day out, oh well, but then I'm really kind of losing the mood to write over here.
*Abrupt end.

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