Writer's block?
Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I realized that I haven't written anything in 5 days. It's not like my mind is completely cock blocked, but I just didn't have the inspiration to write anything at all.

But anyway I went to Johor Bahru last Saturday[4th May] to play Go-kart and Paintball, which... obviously will have a post of it's own, someday. Maybe I've been doing too many things that I don't usually do and my brain is simply taking its time to process all these experiences.

Either way, I need to find back my motivation in life (yet again); and probably learn how to concentrate better on a single task. Maybe I will be able to write something proper if I go off the internet.

p.s. I realize that whenever I reach a point of total boredom, I start pouring all my efforts into my blog. My life must be really shitty now.

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