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Friday, June 28, 2013

NSD : NS Diaries

For legal reasons there wouldn't be any pictures, and I obviously ain't eager to show the world my bald head. I have written quite a bit over these 18 days that I was away, I swear that manual blogging is a gigantic pain in the ass.

Well... I aim to improve my handwriting
I have things written for almost everyday, but that will probably be too damn detailed so I will just cut out all of the trainings except maybe one day when it really sucked.

On the first day, everything felt surreal. Took the oath and all that ceremonial stuff. Saying goodbye to my family isn't really very emotional for me; probably because it's only for 18 days, it really isn't that long. Saying goodbye to my hair changed my life though. I mean, other than when I was born, I have never, ever been bald.

The rest of the day went pass rather quickly as we were just checking through our stuffs and walking from place to place. The hardest part of day 1 is probably carrying the fucking black bag. It is, so-god-damn-ridiculously-heavy. You know what's worse than a ridonculously heavy bag? Staying on the 5th floor, the highest. I was huffing and puffing carrying my own bag, that black bag, and another green bag up 5 storeys, that shit is no joke man.

Met with my bunk mates for the first time, introduced ourselves and I probably forgot most of their names. Thankfully there really isn't any screwed up people in my bunk, unless they are really good at hiding under their veil of disguise.

For the rest of the first week, life was rather... similar from day to day. Sure the activities change but then there wasn't really any ups and downs that I could really point out.

The most fucked up thing is having to wake up at 5AM. You know what's the worst feeling? When I wake up in the morning, it feels like I'm in my own bed, but as my eyes slowly open and my vision gets clearer, I realize that I am in Tekong. Feeling that same shit over and over again every morning is seriously a major downer.

okay apparently i have bad time management. i shall write the rest. time to book in. oh well fml

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