If there is one thing I'll say about army #1
Monday, July 22, 2013

New short series. "If there is one thing I'll say about Army." Because there is a lot of things that make me want to say that phrase. Maybe I'll run out of "one thing to say" but yeah, hopefully it'll be interesting for you guys.

If there is one thing I'll say about Army, it's penis. I swear that you see penises hanging, drooping, swaying and dangling everywhere, everyday. Sure, it may not be that big of a deal when you're just looking at a body part that you possess for your entire life; even so, looking at a male genitals from a 3rd person view is uniquely disturbing and eye-hurting.

It is all fine when you simply see them accidentally, when the opposite party isn't purposely displaying their jewels to you. But when they pull down their tiny pieces of cloth and starting swaying their ding dongs while they inch towards you, it is definitely not an experience you want to go through. Which is a really unfortunate because we experience such horrifying crap all the time.

Apart from that malay guy I wrote about the other time about his zero sense of shame, there is also another indian guy in my bunk who will just walk in the bunk in his birthday suit after bathing.

Sure, I suppose that he has nothing to be ashamed about his size, but that's not the point. The point is that penis, balls and pubic hair don't paint a pretty picture. Which I sincerely apologize to all the females out there. I don't know how you ladies handle our man parts, but yeah, kudos to you all.

So the thing that prompted me to write about this really isn't the times where people purposely dangle their dongs for the world to see. There was this one route march where we had a short break and people went to pee. Our commanders told us that since there isn't a latrine nearby, we have to designate our own. "Huh?" Yes, we had the same reaction when he told us that. We were mystified by his instruction until he told us to stand around in a circle and pee around the tree. As interesting as it may sound, having tens of wood surround another wood and spraying out their urea is, "a really interesting sight".

Just as I was typing this, the indian (Sul) from my bunk ran out of our bunk butt naked, with only his socks and shoes. All the while shouting "TIME FOR A RUN GUYSSSSS!". Yep, he really did run from section to section as his black dick flop around the wind he generates.

I am writing for the sake of the people who hasn't enlist yet. This is definitely something you should not look forward to. Though I feel a little conflicted as most of these stuffs are things that you should go in and experience first hand. If you don't know what to expect, everything will be much more interesting and amusing; and a little more disgusting (:

Random note: If you were wondering how the fuck I manage to post this while I'm in camp, it's because we finally have our laptops, and I somehow managed to find time inbetween the day to type this out. Well, it's time to sleep now. You can look forward to more of such posts in the future ^^

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