NSD #4 - The little things
Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Something really awesome happened before our bookout on Friday last last week. (yeah this is how much this is lagging behind) This is our first super late bookout at 2200. We quickly learned why we had such a fucked timing when we had 2 hours of break before and after lunch. Sure we had training before and after but I certainly wouldn't mind removing those hours and getting to bookout earlier.

However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I got the time I much needed to get to know my platoon mates better. Maybe it was that time where I was having a vomitting spree that convinced everyone I wasn't trying to chaogeng. I wonder sometimes if the people around me now is kinder/more helpful somehow. Whenever something bad happened, there will always be some one lending a hand without a second thought; that actually makes me feel ashamed of myself. Sure, I am not one to tie a rock to a drowning man, but I am also not the first one to dive right in to help. Maybe there is something army has taught me about being a better person after all.

I also found quite a few anime maniacs, one who has amassed over 1TB of anime, had quite a lot of fun speaking to him about all the crap that we have watched.

Oh, adding on to the hours of admin time, our swimming was cancelled due to rain. We still had to go to the pool just for the sake of showing that we tried. There was something mesmerizing about watching rain drops fall on the pool; during the slight drizzle, the little splashes and ripples on the surface of the water calms me somehow.

Moving on to a certain commander. He's a sergeant but is my friend so... I find the things he do a lot more amusing than other people, who seem to find him a giant pain.

We were asked to fall in at the basketball court even though it was already drizzling a little. Then he said, "Eh fuck you all lah, (pause) (everyone thought that we're gonna get fucked) last night tell you don't pray for rain already right!" Thankgod he was kidding around.

Afterwards, platoon 2 turned on their lights cause it was dark (but it wasn't time to on lights yet) So he shouted,
"Platoon 2 heads out! Who tell you can on lights one?!"
"We didn't know sergeant!"
"Okay turn off your lights, fuck off!"

Seriously ah, he tell people "fucked up!", "fuck you", and "fuck off!" way too often man, but at least he says it in a rather interesting and iconic way that people have been imitating him. Especially when his reasoning for when we screw up is because we are "selfish~!". So whenever people do anything wrong, everyone will just echo "selfish~!". (I think words can't really express the tone and anal-ity of it)

For the next part, I don't really think that I can really write out what actually happened as I'm pretty sure that we're going to get fucked over if they knew. Let's just say that we had a lot of fun going from section to section, chatting, playing, and "playing". We were that free because we were just waiting for the bookout timing and there was nothing planned (thankfully), and that there was an amazing downpour, drowning out all the noise that we were making. Like what someone had told me, you can do anything you want, just don't get caught.

So anyway, this is an unbelievably awesome weekend as we get to book in on Tuesday! That's solely thanks to the batches that were passing out (POP) so they lakcked the manpower to manage us. That was the only reason why we didn't mind getting out so late that night.

It feels like things are getting a little repetitive. Maybe I should change up and spice things up a little in the next post.

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