If there is one thing I'll say about Army #2 (recruits are dogs)
Tuesday, August 13, 2013

If there is one thing I'll say about Army, it's that all recruits are dogs. Yes, things may have gotten much better over the years and we aren't groveling on the ground as often, but we're still at the commanders' beck and call.

The order of power goes like this
Medical Officers > Lieutenants >= Enciks > Sergeants > Contractors > Cookhouse workers > Cats > Birds > Insects > Recruits

Simply having one black bar on your chest grants you a god-like status in Tekong, and all our Sergeants are like demi-gods. The only reason why MOs are bigger is because that the status they give you is like an invulnerably shield that deflects all the shit.

We are all warpped around our commanders' fingers and have to twist and contort our bodies on command. I remember something I heard when I just came in. One of the lieutenants was carrying a stack of pink NRIC cards, and as he passed to another commander, he smiled and said, "Eh bro, I've gotten you about 30 plus slaves." Only one thought was running through my head, "siao liao".

I say that we are dogs because we only move, speak, sit, stand, eat, sleep, pee, etc, when we are told/allowed to. Really, the only remaining shred of dignity we have stems from convincing ourselves that "we do it only because we want to".
(but really, who are we kidding?!)

Many friends have told me about how you will become less intelligent after entering army; it's true. Because frankly there isn't any need for you to think at all. I suppose that you can think of it both ways, it sucks that you cannot do anything on your own, but it's awesome that you don't have to think of what to do. Everything has already been painstakingly thought out for you.

Even so, I don't want to let my mind go stale like mosquito infested water. And I think that writing daily has definitely helped me in doing so! Though I think I have to bring in some books to study soon.

All the negativity aside, how has life been living as like dog? It's rather interesting I must say, and relaxing in it's own ways. Trading freedom for a peace of mind might just be worth it.

Hah, yah right.

Fuck this shit man. This sucks :(

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