NSD #5 - RT is no joke man
Sunday, August 04, 2013

No post last week. No post during the week either.

Well, seems like my life is picking up pace. Finally fully recovered from my sickness and managed to regain what little social life I had left during the weekends. This week passed by relatively quickly as we were kept on our toes throughout all 5 days. 

I am going to fast forward to this week because of something important.
Remedial Training (RT)

Because of that bullish two words, I had to stay in for another day. Meaning that I couldn't get out on Friday, only around Saturday noon. You might think: "it's just another 12 hours!" Nonono, it's not just another 12 hours, it's ohmygodwhatthefuckisgoingonwithmylife 12 hours. And that's excluding the few remaining hours from the previous day.

Honestly though, even though staying back feels like someone has slapped you square in the face with a sack of testes, it's not the worst feeling of all. The worst feeling is when you see some of your friends leaving earlier with a wide smirk on their face. They get to avoid all the extra crap that we get after they leave.

Oh, and if you didn't know, RT is for people who failed their IPPT; which I am a glorified member of. I  can't seem do pull ups and run long distance for nuts. Maybe I just ain't trying hard enough, so I'll just try harder and see how it goes. I certainly want to claim Saturdays for myself.

Anyway, out of the 7-ish weeks that I've been there, I swear that RT is the worst training of all. It's relatively short, but it is intensive as hell. Having to sprint, then do static exercises, and repeat that many times over almost killed my heart! 

Actually that's all there is to it. There really isn't much to elaborate about a training that eats up your free time.

On a random note, I finally rooted my INO One Plus, still unsure about what I can do with it for now, but it sure does open up a world of possibilities. Also unlocked bootloader and rooted and flashed my Sony Xperia V. Oh I think I haven't written about that phone, oh well, I shall write the rest in another post.

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