NSD #6 - The Highlights of NS so far
Sunday, August 25, 2013

Because I am lagging by 6 weeks, I lost all the mood to go into all details and nuances of my life there. Instead, here are the highlights of army thus far. Basically, they are experiences that you wouldn't experience outside.

1) Route Marches
What is so difficult about walking a long distance while carrying weight? It is actually quite hard. In fact, it's way harder than I imagined it to be. We're carrying a total of ~20kg and the longest I've done is 6km so far. It's not really the weight that gets you down, but how uncomfortable it is. The stupid vest we wear is really really fucked up. And I feel like I'm suffocating half the time, and somewhere near the end of 3km my shoulders will hurt like fuck, as if my nerves on my shoulders are melting down.

But at the end of it, when you take off all the extra weight; it is an excellent feeling. That feeling of getting through something you thought you might give up halfway through. Actually, most of the experiences in the army is like that. You simply have to get through with it and all will be fine.

2) The Holy Man
My section mate, Gerald, earned my respect when he signed a form. A donation form. A donation form that takes money from our pay and donate to the community chest every month. The amount, can be any amount.


He signed a form that donates $200 from his $480 pay every month. What the fuck?! I couldn't believe my own eyes. There wasn't a decimal point. It's just a plain two zero zero.We asked him if he was being serious and he said, "Yes. Because those people need this money more than me."

Guys, we have a saint in our bunk.

Hats off to him, for doing that. Our commanders couldn't believe their ears when we told them of what he did. One of them was like, "Eh, you give me the $200 lah! I confirm treat you damn well, everything close eye."

3) Games Day
When I was in PTP, we have quite a  bit of free time since our activity was pretty much just physical training. So from time to time we play sports against other sections / platoons. So far, my platoon has won every game. Frisbee, dodge ball, captain's ball. I was involved in captain's ball, for the other 2, my section was eliminated sadly. But oh well, it's a platoon thing so "we" won anyway!

And.... I ran out of time LOL. Shall continue this post when I have the time or something.

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