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Sunday, August 25, 2013

I have been so unbelievably busy ever since BMT started, to the point where I haven't posted anything for 10 days, 10 freaking days! (yeah it's like forever by my standards)

So the thing is that ever since the 5 day holiday, I have finally regained some form of social life. You might remember this little diagram.
replace "good grades" with "things I want to do"

So... I kind of stopped doing a lot of things for the past couple weeks? Plainly due to the lack of time. (booking out on Saturdays) I miss tinkering with my computer oh-so-god-damn-much! Thankfully, this week's RT is catered for the people who missed their route march so I regained a couple hours of my life back.

Anyway, the thing is that I am lagging behind by many weeks in my posts; 6 weeks in fact. And in these 6 weeks I have written 20 (double sided) A5 pages of stuff. So I'm a little uncertain of how I'm going to go about doing this.

Moving on, I am currently seriously considering signing on. Yes, the money is good and that is a major reason. However, my motivating factor is that there is a vocation in the Army that fits my interest and skill set. Military Intelligence Expert. I have thought about going into this line of work before I entered the Army, but lacked the details on it. I still don't have enough information to make that decision yet, but there will be someone coming down to have a in-depth talk with us 2-3 weeks later where I can learn more about the life style and restrictions I will face in this kind of job.

The perks are very attractive though.
- Quite a bit of money
- Training provided
- Chance of advancing my studies FOC
- Not wasting the remaining time of my service
- Get a slight head start on my friends

The cons are pretty obvious
- Somewhat regimental
- Less freedom
- Might be boring/repetitive
- Lose out on opportunities outside

Well, there's still quite some time to think about this. No rush to commit 5 years of my life to this. The only thing that is nagging at me is the money they are offering, the money that I can get right now.

Ah... time passed too damn bloody quickly. I shall try and write something up before I book in tomorrow. But for now, time for some gaming before I start yet another tiring week.

On a random note, here's a quote from a video I watched recently.
"Life is like peeing into the snow on a dark winter night. You probably made a difference but it's really hard to tell."

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