The Guard Game
Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our sergeant announced to us that there is guard duty this Saturday, next Wednesday, and next next Wednesday. Obviously getting guard duty on a weekday is the best you can wish for when faced with such a situation.

Not surprisingly, the two Wednesdays' name list was announced without much commotion or drama. But when Saturday's turn came, everyone was silent, wishing intensely that they wouldn't be the ones to receive the strike from the hammer of misfortune. My sergeant(SG) saw this as an opportunity to mind fuck us, we could tell his intentions immediately from the gleam in his eyes. Saddistic fucker. (no offense if you're reading this)

Nonetheless, he made it almost like a gameshow and it was really exciting to see who is the next to get it.

He called out the name of the first guy after a long pause. That guy looked like someone has just stepped on his balls. My SG asked: "Why you look so scared? Also not like I say you kana." He then proceeded to say, "You *pause* never kana!" I could hear his sigh of relief from meters away.

As fate would have it, he called my name next. Being the second guy, all I could think was: "well, fuck this, die already." As I raised my quivering hand, he turned and said, "Don't worry, you also never." Daaaaaaaamnnnnn that was a little too close for comfort. Thank you, for not burning my Saturday, but I am going to have RT so... oh well.

Oh wait, I think I forgot to mention why Saturday guard duty is bad news. Basically your job starts on Saturday 6am, and ends on Sunday 6am. It's almost as if you got confined over the weekends, and with time as precious as it is right now, it is a downright torture to the people who had the luck of getting it.

Anyway, the game went on and he would call someone, telling him that he didn't get it, but that his buddy did. It was really mindfucking and everyone gets really tensed even if it's not their own name getting called.

Fortunately, I wasn't selected. I will give my all for the IPPT this Thursday. If things go well, you would see me online on a Saturday morning. Else... this month is going to be really weary for me man. That's all for this random little rant, time to get back to training.

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