NSD #7 - The Highlights of Army thus far (Part 2)
Saturday, September 07, 2013

I'll just pray that I finish writing it this time.

1) Getting my wife aka. rifle
Received my weapon couple months back. It was heavier than I anticipated and just a little unwieldy, but I was really excited then as I have never held a weapon before. But as time goes by, it's really a pain in the ass to carry it around.

2) Cleaning bird shit vs cleaning toilet
I am part of the group that cleans the ground floor. And there is tons of bird shit every morning and it's a gigantic pain in the ass to clean them. Seriously, especially when I encounter the ones that stick so tightly to the ground you have to really scrub it to get the shit out.

Because of the vigorous scrubbing, me and my friend broke a broom each. I was like, "Sergeant, can't help it ah the shit really damn hard to scrub." However, it may be just a little better than cleaning the toilet. Both of them are comparable in their shittiness, but I suppose I would rather clean the ground floor than the piss of all my mates.

3) Interesting excuses
So far there was someone who "excuse tekong barbers" because he got phobia of them after his hair cut or something, damn cock one lah.

Got another guy excused prolonged sitting. I don't know how the fuck he got that, maybe he complained that his ass hurts or something.

4) Held a (drill) bullet for the first time
Basically these are fake bullets that feel and weigh the same. They are really slippery so it's a pain in the ass to handle them.

5) Shot blank rounds
I definitely woke up when the first rounds were fired. They are loud, but not extremely so. It's quite fun to shoot them actually. The cleaning though is ridiculously hard and time-consuming. Seriously, how much carbon can get stuck in a rifle?!

6) Witnessed live firing for the first time
Damn! The live rounds were really loud! It's like mini-explosions going off right beside your year. (and that's what it is). Even though I haven't had the chance of shooting them yet, just observing definitely scared the crap outta me. (my chance comes two weeks later!)

7) Start of BMT
PTP is finally over and I transitioned to the main part of BMT. Life is definitely harder and stricter but well, I suppose that it's acceptable for the most part.

8) Sat on a tonner (transport) for the first time
It's like a huge ass truck that doesn't have any suspension as we wobble and slide around inside. It may be fun when we take it for short distances, but I can't imagine sitting on this for prolonged periods of time. It's going to be a nightmare for my buttocks.

9) Threw a grenade
This might be the single biggest highlight of my NS life thus far. I can understand why in many science show, people show such a huge reaction to an bomb exploding. The sound and impact you feel is really understated when you view it on video. It may seem unimpressive, but that experience is really extraordinary.

For the first time in my life, I experienced what a shock wave feels like. But even after hearing so many explosions, there's still a part of me that wants to play with it a little more. Sadly it's cost-prohibitive and too dangerous to keep throwing though haha.

10) IFC
Basically, we learn some basic stuffs about how to survive in a jungle and all. This is the dirtiest we have been thus far. Really quite tiring, trust me.

So... the thing is, my field camp starts tomorrow.
Holy crap.
I am way more nervous than I am excited for it. I have been praying (to myself) that I will be able to survive through the next 6 days without KO-ing. A tall order, but I'm sure I can do it since so many of my friends has already passed through this phase.

So... another 3-4 more hours before I'm back in, and tomorrow... Well, shall try not to think too much about it. Hopefully I'll have the energy to write about what happens next week.

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