FFT: Fuck the Fatties
Sunday, November 03, 2013

The title is my conclusion, not my feelings towards them. 

After passing out from that dreaded place, I have been posted to Kranji Camp as a mechanic. Shall write more about the place in another post. The thing that I want to bring up is that there is an abundance of overweight people in that camp, people who have been marked as unfit for combat.

How overweight you ask?

If F=MA is legit, then he would only need to punch 1/3 as fast as me to deliver the same amount of force. If I am a zip file, then he would be what raw uncompressed data looked like. I'm avoiding literal descriptions because I don't want to paint something your mind canvas can't fit. But just imagine that if you punched him, his bodily armor would absorb your punch and dissipate the energy in the form of ripples.

Now that we have the setting established, let me talk about the point of this post.

There are obese females, and males I observed, who have the potential to become models. But instead they hide their beauty behind a vault of carbohydrates. I don't have anything against people who literally bite more than what they could swallow, but I am superficial enough to say that their body outlines isn't what I deem as ideal.

They can look better, and some of them do have the intention of cutting down the chomp. Some of them succeed, some of them don't, some couldn't follow through.


From what I have seen from the people who have succeeded, you just need strong motivation, and a crap load of will power. I'm hypothesizing that the people who failed lacked either or both. I'm thinking that if life is going on well and there's nothing to change the flow, there would be little motivating factor to change anything at all. Will power can be found when you really want something, or if you got fucked over so badly that you gain the mental strength to make things happen.

This is why we shouldn't be nice to fatties. Laugh at them, insult them to your heart's content. Indeed, they will hate you to the core with their clogged hearts. But it is a very strong motivator. Not wanting to lose is a really strong feeling, and a common motivator for sports people alike. I'm not saying that pissing off people will make them want to change, but you know, it is a good enough reason when the whole world point their fingers at you. This may seem evil, and it is. But it's just a more direct version of how some people got their motivation.

For example, getting rejected because of your looks will motivate to improve on your looks through either cosmetics, clothes or whatever. There will most probably be resentment towards the person who rejected you. My point is just a distilled version of this example.

Side tracking a bit, there has been a thing that has been bugging me. Let's say that there is a female that likes me, but I am a superficial bitch and basically don't like her face, or whatever. Let's say that she went for some amazing make over and became an eye-turner. If I went for her, the relationship is fucked because it's obvious what it is based on. If she rejects me because I'm a bitch and she has her pride, the relationship is fucked. If I had accepted her in the first place, there will be little reason for her to become prettier. So fuck, looks must become a second factor to personality; this is somewhat of a downer.

But anyway, back to the topic, for the sake of humanity and raising the bar for looks;
Fuck the fatties.
Give them a reason to look better. Give them the motivation to change.

Well... I'm not saying all fat people must slim down. But it isn't that bad of an idea, is it?

Okay before you run out and start dissing all citizens of the obese, calm your tits. This utilitarian method is clearly too cruel to work in real life. It's just a thought I had from all the hours of sitting around. Obviously there are kinder ways of motivating people, but those take too long and it's a pain in the ass. So well, if you don't mind being a target for rocks, go ahead and fuck the fatties.

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