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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve! 

It has been an entire month since I've posted on my blog.

I can't believe that this has happened when I had almost posted everyday religiously in the past. Well, there's many reasons but put simply, I've been more caught up with doing things than recording down the things that I have done.

However, there is something geeky that I've been doing recently and have made quite a bit of progress so I'm here to share it!

Python Programming
a type of programming language

I've wanted to learn it before I enlist in the army but haven't really got round to doing it; one month after getting posted to Kranji Camp, I realized that I have enough free time to actually start studying something I want to, so for the past couple of weeks I've been "indulging" myself in learning Python.

Back to the basics

After getting down all the essentials, I've decided to start writing a game to see how much I have learnt can be applied realistically.

A game?! Yes.

It isn't anything overly complicated though. It's a text based game. You interact with it by typing commands and see what happens. Of course, it runs on the world's most powerful graphic card, your imagination. It's like the old school text based game from the 80s-90s. Kind of like Dungeon and Dragons if you've played before.

Regardless, it's hard to explain what it is until you've seen it before. I'm roughly 30% done with it? Gotten down some of the basics functions like movement and tracking of movement and the end goal. Being a game, there's going to be monsters you'll have to defeat, weapons and whatnot. Oh well, I will write more about it when I'm close to finishing it. Oh and by the way, I have been doing all of these on my phone. The learning, writing and executing of the programs can all be done on Android. This is why I love Android so much. Typing code on a phone can be a hassle, so I did bring a bluetooth keyboard to camp and use it when I can.

So... it's the 24th of December, 7 more days before 2014. I feel like this year passed by without me noticing, I've already been in the army for 6 months. Just another 1.5 years to go.

If there's anything that I've learnt in Kranji Camp, it's that tanks are really heavy. It always feel like one wrong move could sever my fingers. On the brighter note, everyone improves in sports when they are in the army. During my free time in the evening I have been playing basketball almost every single day. Hopefully there's some sort of improvement by now.

Anyway, I have gotten my new phone last month and I am almost ready to write all about it. It's my best/favourite phone thus far. Anyway, here's a random shot that I took today to test out the camera.

iso50 | f/2.0 | 1/500s (post processed)

Haven't really had the chance to play around with the camera much but I will try to do it asap. So far the images gives me somewhat of a film feeling so it's a double thumbs up from me.

Moving on, it's Christmas eve. I've fallen sick so I'm just... trying my best to recover. That fucking flu vaccination that gave me flu, the irony of it man.

Garh, I'm just too tired to write shit now. Soon man, once I get my thoughts over the month organized.

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