Daily Photo #138 - Wow when was the last time
Friday, December 27, 2013

Fish n' Chips while I'm sick probably isn't a great idea
Headed down to AMK to play pool with my bunk buddies yesterday. It has been forever since I took pictures for the sake of taking it man. So uh, everything is shot on my phone; wanted to test out it's low light performance, and it did pretty well!


Hand held, I'm a giant btw.

I like this shot idk why
Anyway it has been one week since I fell sick and I still haven't fully recover yet. This is really really getting on my nerves. I hope it totally goes away tomorrow, I want to play some balls man! (basketball)

Hopefully I will also be able to take some interesting shots tomorrow and uh, hopefully go skate in the evening and bask in the setting sun. Life has been really uneventful lately. Maybe I should start making things happen rather than waiting for some shit to burst out.

In any case, been rather hard at work with my coding stuff. Hopefully I can show it off soon; been testing quite a lot of new things!

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