Daily Photo #139 - Film Cameras
Sunday, December 29, 2013

FED 5B (russian)

I have some time before I book in again, so I decided to take some shots and further test out my Xperia Z1. It's amazing to see how much cellphone cameras have improved in a couple of years.

Anyway... my bro likes taking photos too. And he acquired these two film cameras some time ago, which made me green with envy. Not that they are really expensive or what. But well, it takes a bit of commitment to go into film cameras, not something I can easily do seeing that I came from the digital era.
p.s. my bro is almost 10 years older than me so... yeah

Btw these are really old cameras that he bought 2nd hand. Both which are manufactured in the 1980s.

I think I missed my focus here...

Love the orange accents

Oh yeah, give those artificial grain some lovin'

The FEB 5B is actually kind of a clone of the legendary Leica cameras, which explain why it looks so friggin' similar. It was a poor man's Leica back in those days.

Canon A-1

The frontal assault

Who doesn't love some sexy dials?

Vintage cameras just looks so sexy, not like any of the plastic bullshit we get these days. These old cameras are made of solid metal so there's some heft when carrying them. The marvel of camera engineering seated comfortably in your hands.

Maybe one of these days I'll borrow from my bro to actually go out and shoot something. Developing them will be a pain though. Ah well, I'll just be satisfied with my phone camera for now.

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