New chapter in Army, 41FMP
Saturday, January 25, 2014

Goodbye trainee, hello unit life

I intended to really spend some time blogging properly and really jolt down what has been happening for the past couple of weeks, but sadly my usual routine of procrastinating had gotten the better of me once again.

First and foremost, I have graduated from OETI at long last after 3 months of training. Honestly it was rather sad leaving that place and being separated from all my new friends. We exchanged our farewells 3 weeks ago and went our own ways, to start a new chapter in our army lives.

Thankfully some admin cockups gave us the opportunity to pick who we wanted to be with in our units*. For one reason or another, I picked the one where most people will be together, 18 in total. Interestingly, 8 of us including myself was from the same bunk in OETI. And... the 8 of us are in the same bunk again. Obviously there are some people I would rather be with, but I wouldn't say that I'm in bad company.
*unit: The place you will be part of until you ORD.

Anyway I have been posted to 41FMP, located at Kranji Camp 2; which... is just beside OETI. I'm not quite sure to be thankful of it's location or not. I had fully prepared my heart to travel to the anus of Singapore, Sungei Gedong. Obviously there are tradeoffs for each location but it has worked out for me thus far.

That said, I have to go outfield, multiple times and even overseas. I think that it could be fun; it could but it probably won't be. Looking on the brighter side of things, it does give me the chance to have experiences worth telling stories about.

I originally planned to write one heck of a long post covering all things that I have forgotten to write about, but army is a really boring place to be honest. That boredom is something that gives me joy; when I have nothing that needs thinking about, that gives me the time to think about other things I normally wouldn't have considered. Looking at my ridiculously long to-do-list gives me good indication of the stuffs that has been going on in my head.

Well, for the sake of it I shall recall a random event that happened last week. I finally lied down on the roller board thingy and slid under the tank for the first time. I mean, I have been under it before but never rolling around, it was a damn amusing first experience and it was more comfy that expected albeit the awkwarrd working angle/position.

This is dedicated to my friend Jeff who undertook the task of draining out the oil from the bottom. And the bolt, oh the bolt. Have you ever tried to open a can of canned food(or ketchup) and no matter how hard you twist you can't get it to open? Imagine the same thing, but underneath a vehicle and only with one hand, times 6.

So anyway, the plate that he was removing was holding back a substantial amount of oil, an amount that he wasn't aware of, nor expected. The moment the last bolt was released from it's holding, there was nothing left to keep that oil in place. And out it goes, gushing from that orifice, splattering all over his face, his clothes and seeping into his tanned skin. By the time he got out of that underworld, his uniform had totally changed it's colour.

No longer are the greens lush with life and vibrance, but dull and completely soaked in brown colour goodness. It is not often you see someone drenched in oil, in fact I have never seen one unless it's a major cooking mishap.
(much of the events are speculated, I mean, I can't be witnessing what happened firsthand, but it should be more or less accurate lah.)

Well, there are many little things like these that happen, but with my hands that seem perpetually oily, it's rather hard to jolt them down.

Now that I've brought my keyboard into camp, I should try to blog more... but I've already said this before in the past so, not gonna make any promises this time. Let's just hope that I'll get the time tomorrow to write all the crap I want.

That's all for now, till the next time.

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