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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Well, the last post was on Valentine's. It's not that there isn't anything to write about, but the stuff I want to write about, takes up the time I have for writting.  I keep saying that I want to write more, but I give up. I'll just try to do this whenever I have the time to.

For the past 2 weeks, I pretty much gorged myself with good food. But I'm not just going to let all those excess calories take up additional mass inside of me, have to at least put them to some use.


Play some table tennis in camp and attempted to train for my pull-ups, but it turned out to be a one-time thing. Really need to put more dedication into that. Well, let's not sweat about the sweat, and move on to the food.

Domino's | Finger to show size of pizza! 

Met up with the gang and we were supposed to go out and eat something better, but after we met up at C's place and played a game or two of Dota2, we thought, "Ah, screw this, let's just order pizza." Or maybe it was just a couple of us who thought that; but this is the perfect example of how lazy guys can get once they bunch up together.

10pc KFC because we indulge in fats

A bowl of cucumber to make us feel better about ourselves

Went out with Y on a Saturday where she redeemed her one set of free lunch (a 2-3month late birthday lunch). Bacon is always awesome, not as awesome when stuffed with a buttload of vegetables, but I think that I should really make a conscious effort to eat more healthily.

Toby's Estate | @ Robertson Quay

French Toast | Really sweet and awesome

Some cheese grilled burger

Cross section

Caught The Lego Movie after this!

Definitely the happiest thing that I've watched this year. Got really hooked onto Everything is Awesome. The movie is made to look like stop-motion but it isn't as much of a turn off as I thought it would be. It actually some sort of meaning to the story though I'm not quite sure what it is.

Regardless, it's a good movie and I recommend everyone to give it a shot!
Got some sushi after that at Itacho's; clearing my cravings one at a time! Met some old faces while I was shopping for some clothes (tally: 2 jeans 1 jacket). They wore a suspicious look throughout the entire conversation, and I probably wouldn't blame them for that...

Moving on, I removed my glass screen protector because it wasn't applied properly and it has this hideous bubble on the top left & right. I was curious about it's anti-shatter properties, so I went ahead to shatter it utterly.

It really held itself together really well. There are some glass dust from the shattering but it kept in one piece no matter how I tried to bend and twist it. Me likey and approve. (have swapped to a better tempered glass protector by Nilkin and it's perfect now)

Attended my childhood friend's 21st Birthday. I'm ashamed not to have gotten him anything better but... ah, it was kind of last minute. Have to make it up to him some other day. We just kind of randomly got him a bottle of Famous Amos Cookies.

There wasn't much I could say about the party as it was small and cozy. With just his close friends and relatives. I've known him for more than half my life, standing at an awesome number of 13 years.

There was one Tuesday when I went for my physiotherapy (nothing serious) and because of some rescheduled event we got the priviledge to stay out that night. I live too damn far to return home but we did grab some pizza from Pizza Hut!

Watched Pompeii after food.

And it sucked.
I swear this is probably the worst movie that I've ever watched. The story behind why we were watching it is because we missed the best timing for Lone Survivor so we decided to troll this friend by watching something we already knew would suck. Bad choice.


Woke up to this the next day, and it was freaking amazing. Totally pumped up to go through the day, especially since it was Wednesday and it's nights out day!

Finally met up with S after what seems like forever (POP day). Had a relatively weird experience shopping for some stuffs but then the food and catching up was good! (MOF). Kind of forgot to take picture of the food because we were too busy trying to camp about 4-5months worth of events into what little time we had.

But dessert, everyone always have time for desserts.

I think I should go out and meet people more often. But my computer needs some loving too. I point my finger at the Army for taking away my computer time. If only if I have that back I would be more inclined to go out often.

Speaking of computers, I bought a couple of new stuffs from the IT fair at MBS. Firstly is a new Dell Ultrasharp 24" Monitor (U2414H), and a portable router from TP-LINK MR3020. Got a freebie from purchasing the monitor, Razer Electra Headphones. Not including any pictures now because my room is messy as hell and it wouldn't be good to show off my computing environment like this; of which I finally have a dual-monitor set-up. Something that I have dreamed of for many many years. It is still not ideal yet due to different monitor models but one day, I would make everything look all good and neat.

I kind of messed up the chronological order but the gay gang had dessert on Friday night.

Family Deal | One of everything please! 

All in all, the past 2 weeks has been pretty eventful as you can see. Thanks to that, my wallet looks like it has been on a diet. Need to conserve whatever monetary resource I have until my next pay.

As I turn my attention to the future, I'm going to experience something pretty awesome soon. For the next 2 weeks, I'm going on course at the anus of Singapore (Sungei Gedong) to learn driving starting tomorrow.

Drive what you ask?
A motherfucking tank.

Well techincally speaking it isn't exactly a tank as it's meant to fight people, but it sure does look like a tank.

Packed up most of my stuffs and I'm ready to head there to experience what living in an anus feels like. Looking past all the negativity, I am stoked to get a tank driving license. I mean, how often can you say that you have a license to drive a tank?!

Well, that's most of what I wanted to say sans the nitty gritty stuffs, hopefully the next update wouldn't be 2 weeks later...

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