How I Met Your Mother finale
Sunday, April 06, 2014

9 years in the making
My favourite sitcom has finally ended

All things will come to an end. I started watching How I Met Your Mother at the start of Season 2, which means that I have been following this series for 8 years. I can't help but feel a sense of lost when the story came to an end.

It has taught me quite a lot about how relationships work between friends and lovers; though it's filled with jokes and hilarious moments, there are many parts when it felt real and true to the heart. The ups and downs of the characters brought my emotions on a roller coaster ride. But it's a ride I never wish to end, especially not with such an ending.

Warning: Spoiler alert!

A sentiment I'm sure is shared by many, that the ending should've been this.

How I Met Your Mother

It was perfect, the setting was right, every event that has led up to this makes perfect sense. They nailed this moment perfectly, I'll give the writers that. But what the hell was all the crap after they got together?! Why would anyone write off a character they spent 9 years, 9 season building up to?! Sure, she isn't even in the first 7 seasons, but it doesn't matter.

I think they could've given the Robin end as an alternate finale, not the "real" one. It pains me to the story slowly break the bonds between friends slowly as they start to find their own lives to live. Yes, it is realistic, it's what real life probably would've been; but it definitely isn't something I wanted to see.

In a way the ending is happily ever after, but I don't like it. I wouldn't say that it's wrong, but no, just no.

I don't know if it's the intent of the writers, but it targets real fear that lurks within me and probably many others. The fear that I will slowly stop hanging out with my closest friends, stop being around to share the big moments. I've had many close friends that have drifted through the passage of years; sometimes it makes you wonder if the time shared was even real.

That's what HIMYM made me feel at the finale; that one day, eventually, everyone will walk down a path that doesn't intersect with old friends anymore. It's close to real life, but I don't want to see that from a show.

And getting back with Robin, really?

This part makes me feels really uneasy and conflicted. They chose to depict friendship in the most realistic way possible, yet chose to show a romantic relationship is unbelievably far stretched. We know that Robin is his first true love, we've seen what they've been through, HIMYM has shown us time and time again that it doesn't work out between them. Up until the last few minutes, the show has crushed the possibility of them uniting uncountable times.

When they got back together, it brings up the doubt that many of us have/had.
What if?

What if you had kept the hope of getting back your old flame alive? There's always that lingering regret of turning away from your first love, even if it does not cause you pain anymore. Unfortunately, getting back just doesn't work, it's not feasible in real life. You may want to, but it's definitely a bad idea.

This sums up why I didn't like the ending.

They chose an unrealistic ending for Ted's love life, yet a realistic ending for their friendship. I really wished they ended the show at the train station when he met his wife.
(this article provided a rather good analysis of why people don't like the finale)

Don't get me wrong, I still love this show. It is by far the best show that I've ever watched and I'll always be a fan of it. I will always envy the relationship between Lily and Marshall, wouldn't it be great if I could find someone like that as well.

Alyson Hannigan is still really pretty at 40

Well, it'll take awhile before I can get over the end of HIMYM. One day I shall rewatch the entire series. Maybe then the finale would make more sense to me.

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