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Monday, May 19, 2014

Man, I have so much stuff to blog about I just can't seem to find the time for it. Let's start with 2 weeks ago, where I flew off to bangkok on Thursday and came back on Sunday.

Followed by cohesion on Monday at sentosa, one day to rest on Tuesday (Vesak Day), work on Wednesday, followed by my ATP(live firing) from Thursday to Saturday; which I didn't get marksman for and was really kicking myself for it. Reached home really late, woke up on Sunday with half the day gone and by evening I have to get back to camp again.

Which brings me to today, the start of the new week where our busy schedule is set in stone, all thanks to the 2 audits we're having next week. Its going to test the entire team to get everything done.  Fortunately, thanks to table tennis and guard duty I get to avoid quite a bit of work.

I'm just going to ramble on a bit because I don't have any (edited) pictures to post.

I'm about 1 month away from being a 1 year soldier. I can't believe that it had taken so long for one fucking year to pass. Definitely going to write a post about being in the army for a year. It would be really interesting to read back my old posts and see how I've grown as a person.

Oh I'm not sure if I've already written about this but I'm playing table tennis for CSSCOM (my mother unit); the competition isn't until July but there's a SAFSA(SAF Sports Association) opens that I'm playing in, individually. The awesome part is that they've entered me for both doubles and singles. I must say that I am actually quite excited for this as I've not played competitive in years.

But, and I hate how there's always a but; I'm paired up with a useless imbecile as my partner. Hopefully he won't read this but if you do, come on man, you really suck.

On another note, I finally managed to play a match with the YOG player and it was a rather close match. Though he probably isn't playing at his best but at least I got a feel for how a "professional" player plays. Hopefully I'll be able to win some matches at the competition and secure some off days!

Anyway I think that I've sunken into a bad habit of speaking about doing this and never getting around to doing them. The worst part is that I actually tell people about it. I'm getting quite annoyed and frustrated at myself. The mountain of to-do lists I have on my phone just keeps getting longer by the day and it seems almost impossible to clear them out.

But I'm going to try. One fucking thing at a time.

The Bangkok trip post will probably take a little longer though. I've taken over 150+ short videos and it'll take a rather long time to get them done.  Trying to relearn Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects all over again.

Sometimes people get amused/impressed by the amount of things I can do, or trying to learn to do. Sometimes I just feel like they have the wrong impression because I do so many things so half-assedly.

Meh, I have about 1 year left to put all my free time to good use.

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