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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Road to my secondary school

I have no idea how many times I've shot this scene already but well, I find myself here once again. Last Sunday 130414, we gathered at chiang's place and started our mini road trip, a whooping 43.5km, which is almost as far as you can get in Singapore.

End to end!

Setting up his GPS navigation

Well I've dragged this for so long that I pretty much forgot what I wanted to say. I'm surprised by the images that my phone can take under bright sunlight though!

At the dock

Birthday boy couple

Lady Olivia! 


The view as we left the port

Trying to be artsy

Oh yeah we got the chance to steer a boat! You can really feel it if you spin it a little too fast. There's a GPS system on board so it's really easy.

Cheers! | Champagne 

Popped the champagne off the boat. May post the video someday if I remember (never). I think this is probably the first time I've seen anyone shake it and pop the cork off.

Offshore fish farms! 

I think I went to one before when I was a kid, some sort of vague recollection. But well, it's an interesting place; albeit not much to look at, except fishes.

It's a small boat =|

fishes going crazy over food

powerful image editing is powerful

I love taking shots with symmetry in it, maaaaybe could've done better but the sun was too damn hot for me to keep trying.

Getting out the fishing rods

I like this shot

Caught a small fish! 

It's really small

After fishing we tried swimming in the sea and I swear it's probably the most tiring thing I've ever did. Swimming against the current is no joke and I have zero idea how anyone can swim like this. The moment we stop chasing after the boat, we just drift further and further away from it.

It's actually scarier than I thought. Without the safety buoy to rope us back in, I probably wouldn't want to go down and swim.


OTW back

re-entering the port

I'm not quite sure what else to say since I don't have any of the "omg on a boat with my bestie!" kind of nonsense that girls have. I'm just glad that the pictures turned out well...

Army has been a pain in the ass. I have already written out the course I finished 2 weeks ago but I have no idea why it isn't posted yet. Oh well!

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