I ran a marathon!
Monday, September 01, 2014

I can't believe that I haven't written anything here for over a month (nearing two). It's not that there isn't anything happening at all but most of the stuffs are just related to the army so it's kind of boring in a sense.

Regardless here are the stuffs that happened while this blog was stagnant.

I bought a new CPU cooler, top of the line, premium Noctua NH-D15. As air cooler goes, it's as  good as it gets. You can tell by the sheer size difference between it and my old cooler.

Who said size didn't matter?

Mounting bracket

It's taller than my 760! 

With it I never went above 53 degrees celsius under 100% load, which is pretty darn amazing considering that I live in a rather warm environment.

Went to the River Safari for our unit cohesion day. It was boring as hell, and I got bitten by a small monkey; but I guess it's better than spending Friday in camp working. Only took a few photos but it turned out rather decent!

This fish just keeps swimming like this 

Either jiajia or kaikai, no idea

First time seeing a polar bear, it's damn huge

no idea what it's eating

Looks like it's praying

Back packing

Dugongs, they look like giant shrimps platter

I'll leave you with some panorama goodness.

Moving on, the title of the post; I just ran 10KM yesterday at the Safra Bay Run. It's the first time I ran a marathon, also the first time that I ran so far. Got a timing of 1 hour 24 mins. Not good by any means but it's good enough to me!

Front | Back

I didn't take any pictures at the event because... I didn't run with my phone and I felt like dying after the run. Kind of wasted but oh well, it can't be helped. The worst part of the run isn't the run itself, but that I've only had 2 hours of sleep due to some admin cockup, followed by my growling stomach throughout the run.

My friends all disappeared within the first 500 metres. Either too far in front, or too far back. It's one of the rare times that I truly felt lost in a sea of people.

To be honest I really didn't felt like running, I initially planned to just walk for the most part, but when there's a few thousand people running with you, it's hard to just say, "I give up." So for better or worse, I did run most of the distance. Which no part is due to my own motivation. I thank you, the pretty ladies who wore skin tight clothes and ass hugging tights.

And the driving force is way more than I anticipated. There was this chick I noticed since the start line, and I chased after her for 3 km before hitting an obstacle. Stairs. Pretty much lost sight of her until the 6 km mark where she suddenly ran past me. I am honestly shocked that I actually passed her, but the rest of the run was just me not wanting to lose to her in the end. HAH!

Every time she passed me I will make sure I put enough distance in between before slowing down. It's kind of stupid racing against a girl who is probably younger than me, but then again I really had nothing to do and no one to talk to. Passing all the people in the last kilometre felt really awesome though.

I wonder when will be the next time I post something, but I guess... wake me up when September ends?

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