Second last outfield 5A
Sunday, April 19, 2015

These posts are getting more and more sparse.

I figured it's mainly because being in Army, there's this group of people who goes through the exact same shit as me. We do the same things, we eat sleep and shit together. We cuss the fuck out of everything and it reduces the motivation for me to rant in this little corner.

UPDATE: I just finished my last ever outfield but still wasn't done with this post so this is more of a recap for me!

The outfield this time round is leap and bounds better than the previous one; even accounting for the fact that I had a flu the entire time.

Our vehicles are in pretty good condition and there wasn't much repairing needed to be done during the preparation phase so we didn't get tired out before we moved out. There are two distinct group of vehicles, I am going to refer them to group A and group B. With A being our own vehicles, the recovery/tech variants; and B being the fighting vehicles.

With our A veh being stuck the last time round, we really wanted to redeem ourselves and make sure that we don't have such a major cock-up again. 10 minutes after we left the gate, one of our A veh overheated and broke down.

I mean... There really isn't much that I can say other than push the blame away and state upfront that I am not in charge of that vehicle!

Thankfully after that we didn't have any other problems with our A vehicles. In fact even the B vehicles seem to be doing well this time round, except for one that got stuck in a ditch and we had to go and drag it out.

Honestly I can't remember much else since I didn't write anything down and outfield makes me so tired I don't have the energy to make any mental note of what was going on. But I learnt a lot from the previous one so we didn't starve this time, and I got considerably lesser mosquito bites!

With this there's only one last outfield remaining; I don't know what else to say about this because I've already gone through it by now. I only remember the incredible amount of dread because it's going to be the hardest of them all; with us being evaluated and a lot more restrictions/rules here and there.

Till the next one!