Night cycling weekend
Thursday, July 30, 2015

The skylines has definitely changed from when I was a kid

 I went on a mini tour around Singapore with her and family last weekend on the 25th. Started off at ECP and this is our mid way point with a nice view of the city skylines.

Gotta say that a lot has changed since the last time I did night cycling with the guys. There is actually a really nice park connector route for anyone interested. There's no need to cycle on any public roads; gone are the battles with cars and pedestrians. I was surprised by the amount of people cycling on a Saturday night, I thought there was some kind of SG50 event that I missed out.

There happens to be this SG50 red and white painted bikes that the shop recently bought and we jumped on it immediately! (it's $4 more expensive at $20 for overnight though)

Patriotic enough eh?

Took this shot when we stopped for some snacks and refreshment at Satay by the Bay.

Even though we didn't complete the full route as planned (supper at old airport road), it was a fun and rather chill experience! Started off at around 10pm+ and ended at around 230am with everyone being dead or pretty close to it.

I was one of the rare survivors from the trip and went to get some pratas with R after returning the bikes. Everything was fine and dandy until I opened my eyes in the morning and felt a sharp ache in both my thighs. Guess it was harder than expected on my body after all! Took me 3 days before the ache completely went away.

Definitely wouldn't mind doing this again some other day! It's a pretty cheap and healthy way to spend my weekend compared to the other options.

p.s. I've been redesigning this website and I'm on my 3rd iteration but I'm still not really satisfied hmm..

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