One point five months in school
Saturday, October 24, 2015

Random shot of clark quay to start off the post

It has only been 4 months since I've ORD, the memories remain but it felt like it never happened; it's almost like a broken relationship. The people I'm used to seeing from the moment I woke up, until the second before I close my eyes have all moved on with their own lives.

That is good. But it's also a little sad.

Well people say that change is inevitable and it's usually for the better, as much as I agree with that saying, the change of lifestyle between a man in uniform and a man in plain clothes is pretty drastic. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy that my 2 years is over, but when it's over, what's left of it? I'm pretty sure this feeling will pass faster than I can say "whut?", hence I'm taking this chance to pen it down before it's lost.

School has been pretty interesting thus far, it's a change of lifestyle, change of scenery and a change of social circles. I regretted setting my time table the way I had, I also regretted not exempting some modules (but it may have been a blessing in disguise).

example of the things I spend my time on

Spending a lot of my time coding, but most of it really goes to math as it's the hardest module for me at the moment. I try not to bash on people much but my math prof is utterly shit at teaching. Don't get me wrong, she's really good at what she does, I just don't think her concept of teaching works for most of us here.

view of my math class

Couple weeks back, by the lousiest of luck I managed to get a fucking splinter lodged in my right thumb inside a small wound. I tried removing it using needles and strong tape but after 1.5 weeks, it remained stubbornly stuck inside the flesh. Causing it to be infected over and over again.

I finally gave up on home treatment and decided to see a doctor, where he used a scalpel, with no anesthetic, cut my wound open and used sharp tweezers to pluck it out. (what he referred to as a foreign object) It's ridiculous how much a small wound can hurt; props to the nurses for distracting me by talking/asking me a lot of questions.

the gauze wrap is pointlessly huge though

Moving on to food, which I had a lot of looking at my weight. It's calories well spent though, here a collection of what went into my tummy. Didn't post many (any?) of them on instagram as it's such a hassle.

ramen! from.. some place in suntec

green tea cola is awesome (to me)

The awesome 幼面 from T1 that's under renovation now

some korean dessert thing

curry rice from itacho

the legendary scrambled eggs

in a bun
Curry Rice Combo from Monster Curry 

Awesome kwaychap near my house

Ramen again because Ramen is life

Aside from food there's this special event that passed by without me blogging about it (surprisingly)


It's a bit way too late to talk about this but SG50 was a pretty huge event with news about it all over the world. The Singapore Night Fest was also all about it and even though it has (apparently) been held for many years, it's my first time being there.

It's ridiculously crowded and hot as fuck, to the point where they had people giving out those big old round fans. Unless you're the artsy fartsy kinda person it probably wouldn't interest you much, though I recommend going at least once to soak in the atmosphere and get what it's all about. For me personally I thought it was pretty awesome, maybe because of the SG50 theme we got to see a lot of interesting stuffs. (including this weird abstract performance, zznnng~!)

view from the night fest
 Went back to my high school for some kind of church performance, where the audience sat on mattresses laid out on the ground.

Went on a tour to check out Microsoft's Singapore Office and man it looks really cool and modern. I think Microsoft is finally being awesome again with Windows 10 and the new devices they just unveiled, especially the Surface Book. I would've gotten it if I hadn't already had my laptop.

Looking out of the office you'll see this.

The fucked up haze that has been going on for almost a month now. I guess there's not much I can do about it except try to be indoors as much as possible; which is almost too easy for a geek like me.

Nikon D5500 | 18-140mm

Let me stop you right there, this is not mine, I totally wish it belonged to me but well, she bought it to replace her old limping Canon DSLR. The image quality has been awesome for an entry level DSLR, I'll probably take it out on a spin someday if the occasion calls for it!

This post has just been a random jumbled up mess of all the things that happened over the past month or so. Let me end this with 3 things.
Firstly, all of the images in this post has been taken by my brand spanking new Galaxy S6 and as you can see the image quality if nothing to scoff at. (except the next 2 pictures that has been shot by my awesome photographer)

Secondly, my laptop of choice is a 13" Macbook Pro Retina . I know I know, I've been bashing on Macs since forever but it was the ideal choice in terms of price and hardware. It sounds unbelievable but it was cheaper than the windows equivalent from the options I had.

changed my desktop just for this

Idk why Samsung put a mirror on the back of their phones

Lastly, let me end off this post with a strike.


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