96 hours of agony
Monday, April 25, 2016

Before I even begin, let me start by saying that there is no lesson to be learnt, it's just a recap of a shitty memory; and realizing that I'm worse than I thought I am.

4 days ago I got a toothache. 

I thought it's just a minor thing so I let it slide, thinking that I could always just visit a dentist at a later date, nothing to fret about. A minor sting that gradually gave me a headache, which is definitely a downer on a Friday night. But I pulled through it, tried getting some sleep to ignore the pain. Next morning, the pain was really starting to get on my nerves so I went to a dentist to get it fixed.

Long story short, it wasn't fixed. 

But I thought that I should give a professional doctor a chance to prove her diagnosis. So I gave it about 36 hours of leeway to decide if the treatment was effective or not. Shocking newsit wasn't. The pain isn't always at it's peak level, it goes up and down in waves and there are times that I thought it left but it never did. It's always there, prodding my pain receptors one nerve at a time.

A good analogy is to imagine that you have a bruise that's connected to your face; then there's this imbecile poking the bruise with a wooden stick, over and over and over again. Sometimes in quick hard jabs, sometimes more of a tap. But it's always there.

So on the third night the pain was so great that I couldn't sleep at all. One interesting thing is that the pain seems to get worse at night for whatever reasons. Today, I finally got an appointment at 4pm and did an "emergency root canal treatment". I've done it before so I knew what to expect, and it wasn't pleasant, but I would say that the dentist has minimised the pain involved in the treatment, and for that I am thankful.

Through this incident, I found out a couple of things about myself.
1. My pain tolerance is decent.
2. My tolerance stamina sucks.

Throughout the time I can't think about anything but the throbbing pain, the kind where you can feel the soreness with each pulse. It limited my ability to think properly, communicate properly and have empathy for others. The constant pain was driving me insane, which lead me to think about prisoners getting tortured. I don't think I can survive through that shit.

The constant pain was literally driving me insane.
But well, it looks like the worst is over. I need my sleep.