Side Step
Friday, April 01, 2016

It has been so long since I blogged I don't even know where to begin, and oh I've been busy. The thing is... ever since I've found my lady it started making less and less sense to be typing away here, to myself. When I could easily just as well tell her all about my day and all of my nuanced feelings; while she pretends to listen.

School is hectic. Projects after tests after assignments after all the little shits that we have to do. In the blink of an eye, I'm at the 2nd last week of my trimester. The next time school reopens, I'll be a sophomore. (year 2)

Even though I've learnt a great deal, and my grades aren't half bad, I still feel like I'm not doing enough somehow; that I'm not making full use of my free time to do something cool, or earn some extra cash. With the long holidays coming up, I'd better get off my ass and start working.

I put off blogging for so long because I wanted to come back with a bang, with a really amazing post that'll blow the mind off any reader. As it turns out, writing really doesn't work that way. I probably have to slowly get used to writing again before my thoughts can flow to my fingers as smoothly as it used to before.

Let me try to tell you a story about something that happened recently (within the past month) that has been stuck in my head and I'm having trouble sleeping now because of it.

On this day, I went to the wet market with my mum, she needed to get some salt and other ingredients from this indian shop. After selecting her items, she proceeded to the counter to pay the guy. He's a rather big sized indian, albeit not very tall. Throughout the time he didn't speak a single word, instead he resorted to a calculator to show price, as well as pointing and gesturing. My mum seemed to be put off by that, so she discreetly told me in chinese, "Wah nowadays people run business don't even need to talk one ah. Like that anybody also can."

I gave her a slight frown and kept quiet, I didn't want to start any form of argument over something so pointless, but from my point of view, the guy clearly looked like he has some issues that prevent him from speaking. It could be that he has a sore throat, or some weird ass gay voice that he's embarassed about. Either way, it does not matter to me that he does his business without speaking.

Then came the next part that is etched into my memory.

When my mum tried to pay him with 2 5cent coins, he refused. Gesturing that she should use the 10cent coin that she has (because she was selecting from a pool of coins). My mum rebuked him, saying that 5cents is still money, why is he being a dick about it? (my words not hers)

Frustrated, he held up his hand, asking her to wait a moment. Reached down and brought up this huuuge plastic bag worth of 5cent coins. He gestured with both his palms out, what is he going to do with all these 5cent coins?!

Unconvinced, my mum continued to "argue" with a man that up till now has not spoken a single word.

At last, he brought his two fingers up (in slow motion from memory) to his throat. As he pressed upon it, out came a voice that was croaked, cracked and distorted. Turns out his vocal chords are damaged. He explained that all the aunties love to give him 5cent coins, but none of them is willing to take it as change, that the whole bag of coins is just junk as it isn't worth anything. I could tell that he was getting annoyed from his aggressive tone, and any normal person would've just left it at that and give him the 10cents.

But not my mum. 
She insisted on him taking the 2 5cent coins.

It was at this point that I walked out of the shop and left them to their own arguments. My mum eventually gave in, mumbling and grumbling under her breath as she left the shop.

I don't understand this.
It perturbes my mind.

Is it that hard for a party to give in and be nice? 

From my perspective, it is the same as two person walking towards each other on a pavement and both refusing to give way to the other. It only takes a small step to the left or right to avoid clashing, but instead both parties seem to question, "Why should I be the one to move?".

They would rather bang each other rather than just taking a side-step.
It's not that hard to give in, especially when it doesn't cost anything.

I'm not writing this to bash on my mum, or the indian guy. It's just a WTF situation that I can learn a lesson from. It is a lesson I try to apply to life everyday, especially when it comes to my lady.

A small side-step may be all it takes to make things better.

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