Admitting you have a problem is just the first step
Saturday, June 04, 2016

There are some people that I've come across the years that admit that they have a problem with some-thing. But they think that they can get away with it simply by admitting it, and that gets my nerves sometimes. Though I'll admit that I commit the same mistake from time to time. (which will sound very ironic when you're done reading this)

Let me draw an example from my not-so-short-anymore life experiences.

There's a guy A who would always be late to a meet up, and after numerous times he would say something like, "Aiya you know I got trouble coming on time one mah, you all just meet a bit later lor!" Preeeetty sure many people have came across someone like that, and it may sounds harmless at first.


It's the same as saying, I am a late bitch, deal with it. He's not going to do anything about it even though he knows that it's an issue. (let us not dive into what's counted as an issue for this post)

Another example.
Let's say girl B likes to whine about anything and everything. (imagine she's pretty so she gets away with it) Over time people get annoyed and tell her not to whine so much. From my experience, people like her will come up with a response similar to,
"But you know I don't like all these things one mah, I'm liddat one."

I'm like that.

That is the tell-tale sign of someone who will very willingly admit that he/she has a problem but would not do anything about it.

Another example, fat people.
I'm not going to lie, I do not find fat people aesthetically pleasing, it's not like I hate them or anything, but unless it's some form of illness or hereditary disease, being really fat just shows how much fuck you give about your life/health. Okay where am I going with this again...

Right, superficial. There are many people who claims they're not superficial but dislike fat/ugly people on the deep down. (a smaaaall group of people who don't care about looks) Then, there is this other group of people who will very willingly proclaim,
"I hate ugly people, I'm superficial, whatever."

I'm not saying that being superficial is a damning value to have but jeez just because you proclaim that doesn't make it totally okay. Do you guys get where I'm coming from?

Shopaholics who go crazy over shoes be like, "I know I buy a lot of shoes, but I LOVE shoes!". I mean, yeah sure but that doesn't mean that it's alright to be blowing your entire salary on some summer collection!

The point I'm trying to bring across is simple, knowing you have an issue is a wonderful first step, but it's not the only step. Bloody fix it for goodness sake.

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