Singapore Night Festival 2016
Monday, August 22, 2016

There's an annual night festival that takes place in Town around Bras Basah area each year. I went for the first time last year with my girlfriend and it was hot and crowded as hell.

Great Bad news, it's still the same this year. Here's a shot I took last year and it looks almost the same.

The food is vastly overpriced but at least it tastes good. The route they provide is kind of weird as it takes you a long way round before getting into the heart of where all the buzz is going on. I do suggest looking at the event map before heading down though to avoid getting swept away by the insane crowd.

We queued for >1 hour for this exhibition called #showerthoughts and it was extremely underwhelming when we first entered, but the dazzling light show made it feels like the ache is barely worth it.

The last 2 days of the Night Fest is this weekend, 26 & 27 August (Fri and Sat). So if you enjoy sweating in crowded places then it's the perfect place to be in!

Jokes aside, there are really quite a lot of art exhibitions that will prove to be interesting, even though we didn't walk around THAT much this year as we're feeling pretty lazy. I think we'll probably head on down next year, just to see what's up in Singapore.

Oh and if you haven't seen light projections before, they have it too! I've seen it a couple of times and gotten pretty jaded about it I guess, but it's definitely an eye opener for any first timer!

This picture on the right is taken while inside the room of changing lights and in the right perspective it feels like you're floating in space. It may feel a little disorientating if we stay in it for too long.

"Thankfully", they only let us stay a grand total of 3 mins inside after queuing for so damn long. I would really prefer my #showers to be longer than 3 mins man.

ending it off with a pretty shot

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