Disparity between mental image and real life
Friday, December 09, 2016

I've been inspired by real life and what I've been studying intensively for these couple of days. (mental vs. conceptual model)

Feelings are a terribly illogical thing.

We get frustrated at some thing, or someone even though it is not their fault. We just have the wrong idea (mental image) of how things are supposed to work. The larger the difference between our mental image and real life, the more frustrated we (or at least I) seem to get.

Let's take for example, I wanted to turn on a TV. Pressing the red button on the remote is what I think will turn it on, but for this weird-ass model, the steps for turning it on requires entering a pin, twisting the remote left twice and pressing a green button to turn it on. It's by no means the fault of the TV, but because it is so different from what I had in mind, it ended up causing some immense level of frustration.

Even though I seem to be aware of this phenomenon, I can't seem to control how I feel towards things; hence the "illogical-lity" of it.

My mental image of someone, does not shape who that person is. He/she is who he/she is and that's fine, but by projecting my ideas of how you are like and finding out that there is a difference in that; that kinda sucks. It is not the fault of that person nor the viewer (a.k.a me), sometimes our perspective on reality just don't line up perfectly.

p.s. If you're reading this, I'm sorry.

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