First week[month] of school
Monday, January 30, 2017

-- Edit --
Well I wrote this post on the first week of school but I totally forgot about it.

Blink of an eye and I'm back to school. The anticipated mad rush of projects and tests will be chewing my ass out again.

This trimester is a little different because some profs allowed us to choose our own teammates. It's awesome that you get to work with your clique but it's also a toxic process where you can see the weird people get outcasted. Some even kicked* out of their own groups.
*kicked may be too harsh of a word

Anyway, I visited the Art Science museum with my girlfriend at MBS for the future world exhibition last month (December). Took some nice shots but the exhibition is kind of underwhelming to be honest. It's just a lot of pretty lights and some motion tracking stuffs.

Maybe I'm not that impressed as I'm in the IT industry.

The lights are really pretty though, and you can see tons of people spending long periods of time trying to get that perfect shot to go on their social media. We lingered awhile to soak in the feels before leaving this alternate universe.

This month we visited the Art Science Museum again, for the NASA exhibition. It would be awesome if we're both equally as hyped about it but this is definitely a treat for me. I've always been attracted space since young, pretty much borrowed every space book in my primary school library.

huge ass engine (replica)

It's a little bit disappointing in the sense that most of the stuffs there are replicas and not the real shit, but still, I have not seen any of the rockets to scale before so this was an eye opener.

The moon rover!

The inside of the space shuttle cockpit

There quite a lot of rocket parts on display, but a lot of them are rather boring like spacesuits and all. I think that this kind of exhibitions requires a guide to actually explain what everything is about. Because there wasn't any, I ended up taking the role of the guide for her.

Well, the first week has been fun, let's hope that the next few will be as smooth sailing.

To end it off, I made gif of the fireworks I shot during the New Year Countdown over at Waterway Point. My friend suddenly asked me to go cycle with him, and we so happened to cycle to that area, and just so happened to see a crowd and we poked our nose in. I guess we're pretty lucky to have caught this sight!

yup, we were standing THAT close

-- Update --
Since it's the end of January I might as well finish writing about the remainder of the month

Firstly, school ain't as easy as I hope it to be. The projects are piling on and there are many things to submit each week. Thankfully I've managed to be grouped with some great teammates and it definitely eased some of the pressure.

There are 4 active projects currently.

1. Create an android app that uses sensors/network to improve the user's health.
2. A community story writing web application, where each chapter could possibly be written by a different author.
3. Create an online lesson regarding foley work. (sound design)
4. Create a prototype for a job scheduling system.

And I heard that there's going to be another project coming soon this week, fuck.

Thankfully, not everything is as bad as it seems. The work given has been manageable thus far and can mostly be finished within a couple of hours. My friends and I also started to play badminton more frequently and I finally bought my own racket. Haven't owned one since I was a kid.

I've also just bought a new monitor yesterday, it was on a crazy offer of $250 and it's too irresistible to me.

Dell SE2717H
It's a 27" monitor that would replace my god-knows-how-many years old 23" Phillips monitor. Had a really hard time deciding if I would get a higher quality 24" for $350, or this lower quality 27" for $250. The dilemma was real and I wouldn't want to bore you with the details.

In summary, I finally have a big monitor on my desk, flanked by my awesome Dell U2414H. 

OH but the first thing I used it for is to do some crazy internship programming test that lasted 3 hours. There was only 3 questions but god it was rather mindfucking. Okay that's all I can think of, till the next post!

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