End of Year 2 Trimester 2
Friday, April 21, 2017

I barely survived the previous trimester.

Everyone was slogging day in day out and my gaming hours plummeted like United Airline's stock. [link] My grades weren't terrible but my feelings were. Cramming knowledge in the day, Skype meetings at night; that's the routine for most of my friends.

The first couple of weeks was fine, but then it suddenly escalated and we didn't have a breather for approximately 9 weeks *insert too damn high meme*. Even though it was tough, I'm glad to say that we did manage to build some decent software at least.

1. Android application that detects exercise
2. Crowd sourced story writing web platform
3. Multi-cast chat application (invite/leave/kick/register/switch)
4. Hadoop Map Reduce Twitter analyzer

Shot and edited 2 videos in the process of doing all those.

1. Android showcase [link]
2. Foley (sound design self-learning mod*)
*it's about pedagogy and I'm too lazy to explain it

Apart from the school work itself, I've also gotten more familiar with how Docker works and can host simple web applications on my server (which I now realize I totally forgot to write about).

Also managed to pick up a part time job for the school; can't really say much about it but at least there's a small income for it.

I closed my eyes and thought hard about the past 3-4 months, thinking if there's any interesting/funny story that I could share and write down for me to remember. But I came up with nothing. It was just really tiring throughout, dealing with people, bugs, and deadlines. I felt like I died a little on the inside dealing with the people.

Not all teammates are bad of course, but the ones that are; they're  freakin' terrible. Sometimes it's just easier to do it alone, or with one other friend that you can trust to have your back.

Moving on, my exams ended 2 days ago.
I've done pretty much nothing but play games for the past 2 days and I think I'm getting a little bored with the games. Going to work on my personal project tomorrow and hope that I can get it working.

Oh and tech stuffs that I've gotten myself in the past couple of months!

1. Cooler Master MasterKeys L Pro White (brown switches)
2. Cooler Master TKL wrist rest
3. Withings Activité Pop watch (activity tracker)
4. Clear screen protector for MBP 13" 2015
5. Braided USB cable

I guess I should work towards being more thrifty in the coming months. (unless there's an insane sale going on)

The Withings Activité Pop retails at $259 and there was an online sale for $99, couldn't miss such a deal. But the high quality version went on sale the next week for ~$126 and I totally regretted getting the lower quality one. Well, you win some you lose some.

Alright this has been a really boring post, more note to myself honestly. Till the next time.

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