AWS Solutions Architect course
Saturday, August 19, 2017

Woah, the past week was insane and I just felt like I needed to rant about it.

Attended the Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect course because it's what I chose as an external certification (prerequisite for graduating from my course). Of course, it doesn't have to be this specific course but it's what I've always been interested in so it's perfect.

However the amount of content is insane, >200 slides each day and an average of 2 labs per day. Starting from 9am to 5pm everyday. Thankfully the lunch provided is actually decent and there are 2 small breaks between the sessions.

Fortunately, as this was my area of interest, I've had exposure to most of the concepts that they had to offer. The only tough part is translating all those concepts into the actual services that they provide. Many of the things that they talked about is similar to the things I've done in this post. Or it was something I learnt during my poly days, just in a more advanced form.

Studying about these made me think hard about what kind of job I want to do in the future. Currently I'm moving towards the (web) developer side of things; which is really high in demand. But it's definitely not as cool as being the one to architect a highly available system that is able to survive failures across multiple nodes. So many things to consider with the internship coming up in a couple of months, hope I can figure something out.

p.s. bought my dream keyboard, a new speaker system, extra storage